Sunday, June 17, 2012

One year later...

Last year I started this blog thinking I would have so many things to say and so much time to do it. Ha! Was I wrong! But, I have really enjoyed documenting our little life. We are busier more often than not, so sometimes it's hard, or sometimes I feel silly saying "wait! Take a picture! I gotta blog!". In the end though, it's nice being able to look back at the things we have done.
This weekend was the annual neighborhood garage sale. It was HOT! I don't really like hot, but I do like a bargain.

We hung out with bill (our old neighbor) and his little man, baby j. Gabe loves baby j. He gives him tons of hugs. They are going to be great friends I just know it.

Jorge's mom and sisters met us there and got gabe this cute wagon. Gabe is more like his mommy when it comes to the heat. He was totally done being outside for once.

Saturday was also the day of the dance recital. It actually went really well. I messed up the first step of the first dance (and yes, people was obvious), but after that things went great. Better than I have ever remembered. My moms neighbor said I floated in the ballet dance and I was so happy. Ballet is my thing. I always wanted to be a ballerina, but I was too short (and chesty hahaha).

I didn't take any pictures in my costumes or dancing, but here is my hair and makeup. The curls fell pretty fast because of the heat. But that's ok.
I hope everyone had a great weekend and a great fathers day. Happy fathers day to the best daddy and the best da-da to our little man! Love you both!
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