Thursday, June 28, 2012

Sleep issues continue

Ha! I bet you all thought gabe became an excellent sleeper. You were WRONG! Nap time has become somewhat easier. When he falls asleep, if he falls asleep, he usually sleeps on the couch. I had to hold him for naps for almost a year. My god, when I think of all the things I could have been doing with that time!

Bed time (ugh) is so not going well. Jorge decided that he liked to cuddle with gabe at bedtime. The two would go to bed and both would fall asleep. At the time, Jorge was working overnight so he needed a little nap.

Now, it sucks, like ALOT. it is taking almost 40 minutes for him to fall asleep with one of us in bed with him. I take him to his crib when I know he's asleep. However, he comes back to our bed later. Sometimes it's as great as 5. Sometimes it's as bad as 40 minutes after he went to his bed. That I do not like at all. I like to cuddle, but I'd prefer it was a morning cuddle, not an all night cuddle.

I'm thinking of moving his crib in our room. Here's a little problem, I'm going to Florida with gabe soon. We will have to sleep together so it seems silly to start something now since that will be out of the window when we are on vacation. Any suggestions?

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