Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Recital mode

Ok. I have been MIA again. This time I swear it's not my fault! Really! It's that time of year that I honestly never thought I would be revisiting. Its recital time. *no exclamation point because I'm not really excited*. However, I have entered "recital mode", so named by Jorge.

When we started dating eons ago, I was big into dance. Every Wednesday for three hours with a recital in June. I quit when we got married, mostly because of the time commitment and the money. Costumes and shoes are EXPENSIVE! Anyways, ms. Geri conned me back into dance and the recital this year. I was not (still not) looking forward to the recital, but my mind isn't cooperating. I have entered recital mode, thinking about my hair, makeup, costumes...and letting it kinda stress me out.

Dance pictures from years ago...

Yesterday was picture day and I let recital mode take over. This hair, that lets change I don't like that either. Ugh! I don't want this to happen but I can't stop it! This is what is settled on (FYI...I'm not even getting pictures)

So I am sorry for being MIA, hopefully after Saturday I will be normal!

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