Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Stressed with a sick baby

As most of you know, gabe had a cold and now he has an ear infection. He did really good Monday with taking Tylenol and his antibiotic. Yesterday, not so much. Today, even worse, if that's possible.

He starts crying every time I come near him with his medicine(whichever, it doesn't matter). Then, as soon as the syringe is near his mouth, I'm usually holding him down by this point, he starts spitting. I've been squeezing his cheeks so I can try to either get it in the back of his throat and force him to swallow or in the side of his mouth, where the "magic" spot is. NO LUCK! Somehow, he can spit it out.

I appreciate all of the advice. I've tried every one. He took one sip of juice with the amoxicillin and stopped. I tried putting him in time out. He just cried for 15 minutes and said "no!" when I asked if he'd take his medicine. I put it in pop-no go. I got half a dose of amoxicillin in when I hid it in white yogurt. He swallowed it even! But then wouldn't eat anymore, even once I told him there was no medicine.

In all of this, I'm feeling like the worst mama. I'm not getting enough of what he needs to get better in him. I'm yelling at him when he spits sticky medicine all over me. I'm tired, he got up on Monday and Tuesday at 5:30, usually he sleeps until 7. The doctor prescribed a chewable, reluctantly, so we will see how that goes. Otherwise I'm open to suggestions.

Ps. There's not a whole lot I can do about the comment format so you can leave a comment anonymously and write your name at the end of the comment or just comment on the link on Facebook. Thanks guys!

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