Friday, August 31, 2012

My life rocks!

I'm linking up again with rockin' mama. I hope you had a chance to stop by her blog and check her out. She's pretty awesome with some adorable little boys.

Ok, I shoulda put them in a collage, but I just didn't have them time. Hopefully some of these pictures are new to you guys so enjoy! (it's been a long week and I cannot remember what I put on Facebook/blog/ instagram sorry.)

Checking out giraffes with big sister after the WTTW fun and run

The WTTW fun and run

My super cute hair

Lightsaber fighting with dada

Beefaroni for lunch that wound up ALL over the place (ugh)

Someone didn't want to take a picture with mama

Tantrum king. I swear he cried about EVERYTHING Friday morning

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Christine Thomas said...

I love you hair in that picture! So cute! And the tantrum picture is too funny. I took a pic of my daughter when she was about 2 mid-tantrum and its still one of my favorites.


Loving you pics!! Followed you over from Rockin Mama!


Jen said...

jessica and christine, thanks so much for the visit! im still getting used to getting comments so i hope you guys get this!
christine, the funny thing with gabe throwing tantrums is that he hides from the camera...i have to chase him to get a shot! this time he was hiding behind the couch!
jessica, so glad you like the pics!

Destiny said...

hahaha, love the crying face. don't you just love it when they do that.

I wish my hair was long enough to put up but every time I try to grow it out I fail. lol

thanks for linking up!