Sunday, August 19, 2012

Brookfield day!

Brookfield day was actually Friday, but both gabe and I have bad colds and we were just hanging low. Also, he took over the iPad yesterday so....blogging wasn't available. I mean I could have used a real computer, but that's too much work.

Gabe had a very restless night Thursday. He was rolling around and coughing a lot. Unfortunately, he woke up Friday morning with a runny everything. His nose and eyes were running and for some reason, he kept shoving his hands in his mouth, so his mouth was running too. We decided to head out to the zoo anyways.

We met up with my cousin Colleen and her daughter Samantha. She bought a zoo pass, so it was worth the trip. I love Brookfield. I don't think I've seen the whole zoo though. We actually didn't see a lot on Friday, but the kids had fun.

We made sure we saw the giraffes. Gabe is waving hi to them in these pictures.

Posing with his cousin Samantha.

Checking out the wild dog that Samantha insisted was a fox.

More giraffes....

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