Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I'm better now

Sorry for my little meltdown yesterday.

Gabe is finally napping like a normal kid today. Thank god! It's not just the fact that I need a break, but you could see how tired he was. Yesterday, he melted down over everything and just looked like he could fall asleep if you gave him a few minutes.

I tried to put him to bed earlier last night since he didn't nap, but I was pretty unsuccessful. It was pretty bad actually. The past few nights I have been putting him to sleep in his bed (in our room) and its been going ok. Last night however, he was crying for me to pick him up and take him out. I know how those moms feel on Supernanny. It definitely tugged at my heart, but I didn't give in. It took almost an hour.

Other than the nap craziness, gabe is doing great! He is really trying to talk in sentences. He loves to dance and sing and play his drums. Maybe I have a future musician?

My little rock star singing and watching a No Doubt video.

I am also thinking about putting him in a mommy and me class in the fall. I think he might really like it. There are two classes, one for 18-24 months and one for 24+. I'm not sure which the park district will let him be in since the date is two weeks before his birthday.

Hope everyone's having a great Wednesday!

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