Monday, August 20, 2012

I love me Monday

I am linking up to this awesome new blog I found. It's who I would love to be but can't seem to find in myself. Enjoy!

*What is one thing you always forget and want to punch yourself for?* I forget to keep calm. It's silly, but sometimes I get frustrated at the littlest things. Then I get frustrated with myself...ugh...vicious cycle

*if you could spend 15 minutes with one person of your past, present, living or deceased, who would you choose?* probably my grammie. I miss her alot, and I would like for her to know that Jorge is taking care of me and I'd like to tell her about gabe.

*whats your favorite way to wake up?* usually I wake up to gabe asking for awa, (which is sweet) but I really like to wake up on a Sunday, when Jorge has let me "sleep in" until 8!

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1 comment:

Destiny said...

Thank you for linking up with me! You rock and you're gorgeous! and have nice boobs! winning lol ;)

It's always awesome when kids sleep in, hardly ever happens though.