Friday, August 24, 2012

Linking up!

Two for one today! I'm going to (successfully) link up again with Rockin Mama

These are the good photos from instagram this week.
1. My sepia-rocks photo challenge picture for owlbolt's weekly photo challenge
2. Sidney and gabe playing before the ear infection really kicked in
3. There's a back up! Finally playing after so much tv watching
4. Little worker. He was helping me hang a picture frame

Seriously, check out this chicks blog!

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jen @ hell razor said...

Ooh do you like BlogPress for the iPad? I might have to try something like that soon! Chicago bloggers FTW!!!

Jen said...

I loooove blogging from my iPad! I hardly ever use a regular computer anymore. Also, I really like how easy it is to add pictures. I'm not sure why, but I always had a hard time with uploading pictures on the computer. On the iPad, you just choose photos from your library and there they are. So glad to find another Chicago blogger!