Friday, August 24, 2012

Almost better

I'm so lucky today. Jorge has the day off and he is spending it with both of his kids! I get a much needed break from a sick kiddo. I was able to write all the new school info for Molly and Conor in my new planner (lisas too)! I'm a dork, but I love getting new planners. I just cannot switch to putting the stuff on my iPad/iPhone calendar. I need to actually write it down to remember-and there's a lot to remember!

On another good note...gabe is doing much better and my freaking out has calmed down. He finally was fever free all day yesterday. He has however, developed a nice rash all over his body. We called the doctor last night to's a rash commonly associated with amoxicillin. Super. But at least it's not bothering him. Jorge has gotten him to take his pill by grounding it up and putting it in his drinks. So, let's cross our fingers that it keeps working.

Finally playing and not super clingy and sick.

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